Kintamani is situated in Bangli Regency Kintamani sub district and approximately 50 kilometers by automobile. The panorama in Kintamani could be understood in the summertime, once the sunrise emerges on earth’s surface just. Kintamani is the popular tourist destinations using all the volcano of mount Batur and lake in Bali. The nature surrounds kintamani and you will find just six villages across cauldron.

The people from those Bali Age villages possess life style and the civilizations, homes. Kintamani Area is consisted of several mills these are Kintamani Village, Middle Batur, North Batur, Sukawana and Kedisan Village, Buahan Trunyan South Batur. The total of resident at those area are approximately 15 thousand who are working as farmer, retailer, or operate at tourism. Mount Batur is situated at Kintamani and it’s erupted about 24 days since active and year 1800 .

Considering that the bracket erupting, it’s changed into the local society life round this bracket, like eliminating altar (Temple), repairing or improve the village and also re-arrange the convention. Lake Batur is the largest lake in working and Bali as irrigation supply to farmers about it and it’s also for many Bali culture. Kintamani region was established a few accommodation, restaurants and resorts that are situated at Kintamani and Penelokan Village. It’s a tourist location that is famous because Kintamani region owns the panorama and It’s surrounded by the chilly atmosphere.Kintamani is beautifully seen

Kintamani is beautifully viewed in the day time approximately 10:00 am until 15:00 pm particularly having fine weather in which complete Kintamani area will have the ability to be viewed clearly. All tourists that pay a trip will arrive at the day time at the place where they love the lunch at the shop or may enjoy the panorama. Largely view where tourist merging in their lunch in this restaurant is generally owned by restaurants in Kintamani and enjoy the panorama.

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