Monkey Forest Sangeh is a fighter forest dwelling from monkeys’ group. It’s found at countryside, Badung Regency. It’s one of tourist destinations in Bali that is located beside of the street. The street was provided to accomplish this location and vacationers has come to observe monkeys’ adorable.


From the century 17 in Monarchic golden age of Mengwi, I Gusti Agung Ketut Karangasem, the son of that Gusti Agung Made Agung, had constructed the temple in the center of nutmeg woods and hereinafter it’s named as Bukit Sari Temple (like little forest with mix plant and broadness around 10,8 ha). The Sangeh Forest’s mythos is Related to the occurring of woods wood evacuation from Agung Mount in Karangasem. But it known or seen by somebody it eventually becomes.

This Nutmeg Forest is as a Tourism Garden Nature, which can be also as a region of temple for worshiping into the god. It’s implemented from Sangeh Countryside and its neighboring region. It’s also turned into a role beside of tourist item as a tourism enterprise that is industrial.

In stocks of expansion area (3,169 ha) whish is situated in west portion of the forest region, it’s been cultivated by several plant types such as Chico Kecik, Mahoney and guava. This component is anticipated to function as food source for approximately 500 monkeys. This fighter resides in three group are situated in center, and west side. Sangeh woods have triumphed identified 22 forms (species) bird, 5 mammal forms, 3 reptile forms, two kind of amphibians and also 5 kind of arthropods.

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